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The documentary movie "Planet of the humans" about the rottenness of the renewable energy industry

Publicerad 2021-02-16 22:17:00 i Near-term human extinction, Renewable energy, The collapse of civilization,

I have always been very skeptical about renewable energy as our saviour. I simply don't believe that it will save us from doom and extinction. It may dampen the fall over the cliff a bit, but only in the beginning. Then, very much because of it, the fall becomes even worse. 
This conclusion or parts of it I share with many radical environmentalists, for example Derrick Jensen with his Deep Green Resistance movement. In my linklist I have blogs that share this view, for example the SrsRocco Report blog. 
In 2019 there was made a documentary movie that shares this view, a movie about exposing the rottenness of the renewable energy industry. Its name is "Planet of the humans", and you can view it for free on youtube here. It has its own Wikipedia-page here. The movie became very controversial, and it's really doomer-stuff. I viewed it recently, and I can highly recommend it.
One wonders if Bill McKibben, Al Gore, Jeremy Grantham and others whose hands have gotten dirty in the renewable energy industry, have ever seen the movie Avatar. It feels like they haven't. And if they have, do they feel guilty?   


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