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They want to give me a depot injection with Haldol (the same as Haloperidol) here at Ytterö psykosavdelning (Ytterö psychosis department) at Farsta, Nykroppagatan 35. It will last for FOUR WEEKS. You can get Parkinson's disease from Haldol. Study the Wikipedia-article about that poisonous drug. It is in a link above. I have already a mild form of Parkinson. I have motoric movement problems (the general technical term is "Reduced mobility". That this sickness has no Wikipedia-article about itself says something about the juridical situation around these problems). All my friends know about it. Sometimes (in crises) I cannot walk normally, not at all, and people do not understand why. I make grimaces all the time. I also have a grave form of tardive dyskinesia. I destroy my fingertips all the time with restless movements.
I also have PTSD (post traumatic stress syndrome), the fainting sickness (I can easily faint at any time, what is the technical term for this sickness, I cannot find it by googling, strange) classical paranoia and grave brain damages from my psychiatric medications from 12 years of overmedication. I have memory problems and concentration problems, my feelings (the feelings are located in the brain) are dead, I do not feel anything because of chemical lobotomy (1), and much, much more. 
Hope I get diagnosed AT LAST. I have waited long. 
Hope I get a court to process my things too. AT LAST. Henning Witte from WhiteTV should be my lawyer then. The best lawyer in the world right now. Of course he is Deutsch (GERMAN). He has helped Marcus Mahdi, the eschatological messiah of the muslims nr. 2. There is a long Wikipedia-article about Witte, here. So famous he is. 
(1) The article describes the effects of overmedication with anti-depressants, but the same insights can be applied to all psychiatric medications. 


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Lars Larsen

Born 1984 in Finland, Norwegian, lives in Österbybruk, Sweden, poet, ecotheologian and ecophilosopher (though not an academic such), is also called "The monk" ("munken", he is monk in a self-founded monastery order, "Den Heliga Naturens Orden", "The Order of the Holy Nature"), he calls himself "Forest Man Snailson" (Skogsmannen Snigelson) because of certain strong ties to Nature and the animals, founded among other things through many years of homelessness living in tent, cot, cave and several huts in the Flaten Nature Reserve and the Nacka Reserve outside of Stockholm. He debuted as a poet in 2007 with "Över floden mig" ("Across the river of me"), published by himself, he has also published an ecotheological work, "Djurisk teologi. Paradisets återkomst" (Animalistic theology. The return of paradise") on Titel förlag 2010. He has published the poem collection "Naturens återkomst" (The return of Nature) on Fri Press förlag 2018 together with Titti Spaltro, his ex-girlfriend. Lars' professions are two, cleaner and painter (buildings). Before he was homeless, but right now he lives in Österby boende, a group home for mental patients 45 km northeast of Uppsala. His adress is: Harviksvägen 6A, 74830 Österbybruk, Sverige. One can reach him in the comments section on this blog. His texts on this blog are without copyright, belonging to "Public Domain".

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