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Mitt sista inlägg: Var mina skrifter kan läsas framöver + en nödvarning

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My blogging business is over. In this last blog post I will post the future of my own writings in the future I will publish on the Internet Archive, I will try to make them reader-friendly and short. The freshest ones at the top:

Comfort book for those who will soon die  (2019)

Systematic Theology. An attempt at an ecological holistic view  (2019)

Blogging Skogsmannen  (2019)

History of Ecology  (2019)

My other writings can be found on my website  (67 of them I have posted on the Internet Archive, here . Even that authorship has ended, I have decided not to publish anything more in public, but I write small notebooks that I give, underground , to worthy readers)
(explanation of my current life situation for my friends can be found on my website, here )
Written 27.1.2020: I urge all my readers to follow the spread of the apocalyptic corona virus in the world, on the following blogs and sites (they are much more serious than the daily newspapers):
(most important first :)
Peak Prosperity (Chris Martenson's blog)
The economic collapse blog (Michael Snyders blog)
Seemorerocks  (Robin Westenra's superb blog)
Reddit / Collapse of civilization (large collapse forum. There is still life in this forum.
 Honest types)
Reddit / China_Flu  (large forum on the corona virus from China) (sorry, totally censored by China. Worthless)
Reddit / Wuhan_Flu (uncensored forum on the corona virus from China) (blockerad av Kina totalt. Värdelös.)
Here is a world map where you can follow the spread of the corona virus. Very practical! Excuse me. But it is useless now, totally censored by China. 
My own assessment of the situation is that the corona virus will collapse China's economy, which will lead to the collapse of civilization (because China is the world's workshop), which would happen even without the corona virus, when we are already on the road, with the storm, into a new global economic recession / depression, but now is the time for "the perfect storm", as all collapse threats converge. The collapse of civilization will quickly lead to climate change shining away much faster than hitherto due to the loss of "Global Dimming" (in other words, " The aerosol masking effect "), the oil industry collapses at the same time, and humanity dies , and then the earth eventually dies. , which allows us all, humans and animals and plants, 
I ask you all to be ready for collapse-related death, which for some (many?) In Sweden may come this summer already (I don't want to set any time for the collapse of civilization any more), which is my best estimate . I pray to God that we have time for the summer before the worst breaks out, so that the homeless can die more comfortably. I will then be found in the forests around Stockholm (mainly the Nackare Reserve and where I live now, in the Flaten Nature Reserve), where I take refuge when the worst breaks out, and there I want to be of help to people who will die, to relive their deathly fear, a fear I have come across, I am ready to die. I want to teach others what I learned about death and dying (as you can see above, my last public writing was a comfort book for those who are dying).I look forward, with great joy,
There are many others who share my views here on the impending civilization collapse, I recommend you read this blog post , which also contains good basic advice on how to deal with the crisis.
Warm greetings from your beloved Skogsmannen, who now also goes by the names "Skogs" and "Skogslusen". 


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Lars Larsen

Born 1984 in Finland, Norwegian, lives in Österbybruk, Sweden, poet, ecotheologian and ecophilosopher (though not an academic such), is also called "The monk" ("munken", he is monk in a self-founded monastery order, "Den Heliga Naturens Orden", "The Order of the Holy Nature"), he calls himself "Forest Man Snailson" (Skogsmannen Snigelson) because of certain strong ties to Nature and the animals, founded among other things through many years of homelessness living in tent, cot, cave and several huts in the Flaten Nature Reserve and the Nacka Reserve outside of Stockholm. He debuted as a poet in 2007 with "Över floden mig" ("Across the river of me"), published by himself, he has also published an ecotheological work, "Djurisk teologi. Paradisets återkomst" (Animalistic theology. The return of paradise") on Titel förlag 2010. He has published the poem collection "Naturens återkomst" (The return of Nature) on Fri Press förlag 2018 together with Titti Spaltro, his ex-girlfriend. Lars' professions are two, cleaner and painter (buildings). Before he was homeless, but right now he lives in Österby boende, a group home for mental patients 45 km northeast of Uppsala. His adress is: Harviksvägen 6A, 74830 Österbybruk, Sverige. One can reach him in the comments section on this blog. His texts on this blog are without copyright, belonging to "Public Domain".

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