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The difference between T.B.Barratt and Elias Aslaksen

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One of the most outrageous fights in the history of the Church, was that between the false prophet Elias Aslaksen and the false prophet T.B.Barratt. 
Aslaksen spoke always about what we had to do, about our fight and our holiness and our obedience to God.
Barratt spoke always about Jesus, about what he had done, about his fight and his holiness and his obedience to God. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Jesus only. He was one of the pioneers of the pentecostal tradition of "Jesus only". The "Jesus only-movement", we can call it. Jesus is enough, we do not need to speak about anything else. 
Barratt did not want to hear about what we had to do. 
This made Aslaksen outrageous. We had to do something!! We had to fight!!!
Barratt was lazy. Jesus had done everything, and we did not need to do anything. So it sounded, at least. 
But Barratt was a holy man, anyway. 
Barratt's holiness in the Limbo (the area between heaven and hell) increased throughout the years, because he thought so much about Jesus, and sang so much in tongues when he played on his piano (he was a disciple of the pianist and composer Edward Grieg), while Aslaksens's big holiness on the Old Testament salvation path decreased throughout the years because he thought so much upon himself. 
In the end, their path crossed, Aslaksen went to Limbo and Hell, and Barratt went to the bosom of Abraham. 
This is one of the most interesting spiritual battles in the history of the Church. 
Let's sing in tongues with T.B.Barratt. In joy over that Barratt became saved, not Aslaksen. 


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