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Where I differ in my eschatology from the common evangelical views

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(for a definition of "evangelical", see this Wikipediaarticle) ("eschatology" means "the teaching about the last things", about matters like the Second Coming of Jesus, death and afterlife, and so on)
The most important issue where I differ, is in my view on the Millennial Kingdom. Usually evangelical eschatology makes a difference between the Millennial Kingdom and the New Earth, the latter which they think shall be in a completely new world, different from the world the Millennial Kingdom inhabits. I do not think so. I think the world will be completely reborn in the Second Coming of Jesus, making it the greatest event of history. Everything will begin anew. The Millennial Kingdom will be the New Earth, and it will be a kingdom that lasts forever (unlike its first appearance as a city kingdom of judgement, that will last for thousand literal years). I namely read the important text of Revelation 20:7-15 as a parenthesis between what comes before and what comes after. After this text, we are again back in the beginning of the Millennial Kingdom. This you can see from reading the verse 14 and 15 of chapter 22 in the Book of Revelation: “Blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have the right to the tree of life and may go through the gates into the city. Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood." (With this meaning "outside of salvation", in Hades' sleep, in Hades' hell. So they have still not resurrected and been saved, which they will do in the end of the Millennial Kingdom. Then Hades and Hades' hell will be cast in the lake of fire, i.e. be obliterated)
This is a very important point. So, the New Jerusalem will be in the Millennial Kingdom, and will consist of a reborn earthly Jerusalem, given to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and David, as their inheritance, and created after the heavenly archetype of Jerusalem that has been built and preserved in heaven. The description of it in the book of Revelation is symbolical. All other cities on earth will be created in the same manner, after the archetype of that city that has been built and preserved in heaven. They will serve as bastions for judgement, and after they have fulfilled their purpose, they will vanish forever, and only earthly nature will be left. This will happen after the end of the Millennial Kingdom, which will last for thousand literal years, in order to fulfil the prophecies. The function of the Millennial Kingdom is to be a kingdom of judgement, but also to be a time for the evil people of the end times to heal in Hades' sleep. They will be resurrected in the end of the Millennial Kingdom (in what form, I do not know), be judged, revolt against their judgement, and be sent to the microlife forever after that, with spiritual fire from heaven, where they will be completely saved in the dust.
The rebirth of the new world in the Second Coming will be so total, that death will be abolished (the laws of nature are rearranged somehow, on earth. I do think that only earth in its coarse material form obeys the laws of death as they are on earth. The rest of the universe lives fully in Eden), and people will live without having to die like on earth, with pain, but rather parttake in a heavenly reincarnation, that involves moving between heaven's spirit world (which is the microlife) and earth, in a cycle, where one dies through going to sleep, voluntarily, not involving pain and sickness. This will begin first in the end of the Millennial Kingdom, those who are planted into the Millennial Kingdom will live for a thousand years.  
And how are we planted into the Millennial Kingdom? Here is one of my biggest differences from the evangelical eschatology, one of my biggest innovations. I believe that in the Second Coming, we will all die, all inhabitants of the earth, and all animals and plants, too. Earth will be left desolate for 8 months during which God will clean it up from all pollution and all technology and civilization. When earth has become an Eden again, totally reborn, it is like an untouched forest, and then God will create mankind anew, with Jesus the Nazorean as the Second Adam, the new ancestor of humanity. His body will be created from a piece of soil where he now lives as a microbeing, and it will be like God created Adam in Eden in the beginning of history. Then the Second Eve, Maria Magdalena, will be created from Jesus' rib, and they will have children and begin a new race. This will happen in the forests of Bethlehem, in the same forests where angels sang for the shepherds about the birth of Messiah. These forests will be like an Edenic jungle, and the Second Adam and the Second Eve will live like monkeys in the jungle in these forests, with their children, during which angels and saved people from the spirit world will inhabit the judgement cities of the new earth. The bride of Christ will be the first ones to be born into the new race of the Second Adam and the Second Eve. This will be their resurrection, the first resurrection, their compensation for their martyr sufferings. The bride consists of all martyrs and prophets and apostles since Adam's fall. The first resurrection is about going to be able to live, on the earth, a fully earthly life which is perfect and Edenic. Fully material, with sex and pleasures, with birth and death, but as God had wanted the first Adam and the first Eve to live. 
So this is the greatest differences. I also differ from the usual preaching about the rapture happening before the Great Tribulation, I believe with Uuras Saarnivaara, F. Bettex and Ernst Modersohn, that the rapture will happen after the Great Tribulation, and that all people on earth will be raptured, most to live in Hades, some to live in Reality's Resurrection World, where Jesus went and where the animals and plants go. 


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