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My last blogpost: a farewell to the cities and the internet + a greeting to my Finnish readers + some important links (among other things a quarantine-library with online writings) + a letter to the cultural and political elite in Stockholm

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Norrköping, 17.3.2020
Dear readers.
The hour has come to say farewell. I have done it so many times, at times I completely vanish from the internet and the public life. But this time is special. I feel it's time for me to die soon. And now no psychiatric hospital can stop it. I will be taken to heaven in the forests outside of Stockholm. The hospitals will have enough to do with the coronavirus patients, more and more as time goes by. I pray to God that I will not die from the coronavirus, but from starvation, like many animals die in the forest when they are sick, or, which is better, and also describes how animals die, just from a complete transformation of my being, similar to the transformation that Jesus experienced after his crucifixion, receiving a Resurrection body, without having to die. Taking part in the First Resurrection, the Resurrection of the martyrs, because after all I am a martyr of psychiatry, my soul is killed, I have no feelings and no sexual or erotic desires, and I'm just 35 years old. The poisonous medications, the heavy drugs I have been forced to take, have killed a lot. But there is a seed there waiting to sprout, and usually it happens when I have been some months without medications, then life begins to return to my soul, to my feelings. 19.3. is the day my depot injection stops working, or when it has reached its end. It usually takes many months for me to recover even after that, because the drugs accumulate in the body in a devilish way. Now I'm feeling safe when I now am going to quit my medications (I'm not going back to any physician to ask for more of this devilish drug), because the coronavirus has come to our help, to help us psychiatric martyrs and protect us from our tormentors. The control of us loosens along with the deepening of the collapse.
I look forward to the transformation I will experience when my body and soul begin to heal again, every time the experience is unique. And especially interesting it is to see the effect of the fast that I will begin tomorrow; I stop eating other things than what the forest and the meadow provides, tomorrow evening. A vegan raw food fast, if you like. Makes me even more paradisic in body and soul. I have had such a fast once before, I entered then the paradise, and I got my messianic calling during those days. It was 2008, in the summer. 40 days the fast lasted, but now it will last forever. I will never more eat anything else than vegan raw food, because in the Resurrection World in heaven they only eat that. All beings.
I do not want to commit suicide, only choose to meet the inevitable collapse-related death that we all will experience soon, in my own paradisic way.
I think I will die in May, perhaps in the middle of May, before the worst heat begins, because the next summer will be unbearable, because of loss of Global Dimming. I pray to God that I do not have to experience that.
Then I will fast for about two months, even longer than 40 days, and complete what I was not allowed to complete in my fast 2008, because of psychiatry. Then I felt I began to transform in body and soul, dying slowly by transformation into a paradisic state. It was so horrible to not be allowed to do that then. Now I look forward to enter something of the same paradise as back then. During the fast 2008 my paradise was full unity with Nature. And to that unity I have come today, without any second similar fast, despite the drugs, but it is hidden in my soul and spirit and is only revealed when I greet dogs in the street, which I often do, every day almost. The dogs have been my therapists number one, who have somehow gotten me used to the joy of the Resurrection World, so that it won't overwhelm me and become too much when I resurrect. The dogs, who will resurrect like Jesus, every one of them, and meet me in paradise, in the highest heaven, the Spiritual Sun of Swedenborgianism.
May God's grace be with all of you.
Warm greetings from Forest Man Snailson, Lars Larsen
My farewell song to my readers:
The frozen world (Ronja Aarniala's favourite song, her "swane song" before she killed herself)
Won't you open for me
The door to your ice world
To your white desert
I just want to stare
Out over these snowfields
Until we are one again
We belong to the frozen world
When the ice begins to thaw
Becomes the sea
Oh, you will see
How beautiful we can be
When the ice begins to thaw
Becomes the sea
Oh, you will see
How beautiful we can be
Everything is calm
At the end of the planet
In our white desert
The sun kissed the ice
It glistens for me
And we are one again
We belong to the frozen world
When the ice begins to thaw
Becomes the sea
Oh, you will see
How beautiful we can be
When the ice begins to thaw
Becomes the sea
(Emilie Simon)
(hear the song on youtube here)
Terveisiä minulta kaikille suomalaisille lukijoille (kirjoitettu 18.3.2020):
Israel-lähetystyöntekijä Olavi Syväntö, Kaarlo Syvännön poika, otti kuvan 2019 jossa näkyi Jeesushahmo auringossa. Täällä se on. Luotan Olavin rehellisyyteen. 

Minulle se on tärkeä merkki, sillä uskon että Tuhatvuotinen valtakunta alkoi hiljaa luonnossa 9.2.2019.

2011 romaninainen, Marita Mäntyniemi, näki Virrat-Alavuudentiellä, muutaman muiden kanssa, suuri enkeli metsän ylle, jonka siivessä luki: "Viljavainiot vaalenneet". Täällä on artikkeli siitä. Niitä on monta, ja on myös radioohjelmia ja youtubevideoita siitä. 

Rakastan teitä kaikki. Ei mikään muu maa on saanut niin suuria merkkiä taivaalta.
* * * 
(for English readers: this is to my Finnish readers about signs in heaven seen by Finnish Christians. In the second link (Here) there is a picture taken by Olavi Syväntö where Jesus is seen in the sun)
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Here is my homepage, "Conversion to reality. The homepage of ecotheologian Lars Larsen ("the monk"). 
Here is spiritual quarantine-literature recommended by me. 
Here is my final warning to humanity about the coronavirus. 
Here is an open letter to the Swedish parliament about the coronavirus
* * * 
Letter to the cultural and political elite in Stockholm 
Dear friends.
I have recently gotten more publicity in the world and in Stockholm because of a documentary film about me made by my spiritual mother, neighbour and professional film maker Antonie Frank Grahamsdaughter and Andreas Nordblom (from the movieproducer Hjärta Nikki, the homepage of the movie is here), and I expect more people to be interested in me and my work. Therefore I have to set up some rules for you. You are welcome to visit me in my strange homes in the Stockholm suburbs Orhem, Skarpnäck and Bagarmossen (I sleep outside like Diogenes of Sinope), or catch me in the streets or somewhere where I often go (libraries, churches), and I could also like to meet you if you invite me to something (my emailadress is, but my rule is that I do not speak about anything else than liberating the psychiatric patients in Stockholm and in the world from their tormentors and persecutors (i.e. psychiatry), the main issue that will occupy me in the future, this because I'm also persecuted heavily by psychiatry, and their victory is my victory. 
If you accept these rules, you can meet me, otherwise: farewell (you are not worthy of a talk). I gladly parttake in panel discussions and I can gladly give lectures if I'm allowed to speak about this centre of my concerns. I'm even ready to give interviews, even in television, youtube, Facebook, radio and podcasts (I have been reluctant to do this before), if I'm allowed to speak about liberating the psychiatric patients from compulsory treatment (tvångsvård) and other things, waging war against this death machine which pushes and forces people to suicide, systematically. 


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Lars Larsen

Born 1984 in Finland, Norwegian, lives in Österbybruk, Sweden, poet, ecotheologian and ecophilosopher (though not an academic such), is also called "The monk" ("munken", he is monk in a self-founded monastery order, "Den Heliga Naturens Orden", "The Order of the Holy Nature"), he calls himself "Forest Man Snailson" (Skogsmannen Snigelson) because of certain strong ties to Nature and the animals, founded among other things through many years of homelessness living in tent, cot, cave and several huts in the Flaten Nature Reserve and the Nacka Reserve outside of Stockholm. He debuted as a poet in 2007 with "Över floden mig" ("Across the river of me"), published by himself, he has also published an ecotheological work, "Djurisk teologi. Paradisets återkomst" (Animalistic theology. The return of paradise") on Titel förlag 2010. He has published the poem collection "Naturens återkomst" (The return of Nature) on Fri Press förlag 2018 together with Titti Spaltro, his ex-girlfriend. Lars' professions are two, cleaner and painter (buildings). Before he was homeless, but right now he lives in Österby boende, a group home for mental patients 45 km northeast of Uppsala. His adress is: Harviksvägen 6A, 74830 Österbybruk, Sverige. One can reach him in the comments section on this blog. His texts on this blog are without copyright, belonging to "Public Domain".

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