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I have come to believe that Jesus is God incarnated in the classical Christian sense. And something about my gnostic interpretation of the incarnation and Satanael's fall

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I have a joyful message to all classical Christians among my blogreaders: I have come to believe that Jesus is God incarnated in the classical Christian sense. Jesus is thus the Father in human form, the Father incarnated. I do not believe in three persons in the trinity, though, it is triteism (belief in three gods), idolatry, but the relation between the Son and the Father is something that reason cannot grasp. I content myself with believing, like Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) believed, that the Father is the invisible God, and the Son is the visible God. Yet Jesus is only a human being. This is a mystery. 
This is still one more step for me towards a classical Christian faith. Recently I came to believe in a personal God, and now I can believe that this God incarnated in Jesus like classical Christians, like C.O. Rosenius (1816-1868), believed. 
But the details in my belief in God's incarnation are still not classical Christian faith, but has some gnostic elements in it. I for example believe that Satanael (Satan's name when he still was an archangel, before he lost his godhead) was the most excellent of all God's creatures* before he fell in sin, and that he in fact was the only archangel before God the Father incarnated in the archangel Michael. Yes, I believe that there has only been two archangels in the whole history of cosmos, Satanael and Michael, God's two Sons. Michael did not exist before Satan fell, but was created after Satan's fall, as Satan's younger brother. Thus God saw fit to incarnate himself as the new archangel after Satanael fell from his position as the highest of God's creatures, and take his place as the highest of God's creatures. Satan was not God incarnated before his fall, but wanted to be God himself, and create a world of his own, the planet Tellus. 
So God was incarnated in human form in the "Spirit world" before the fall of Adam, as the archangel Michael, before he incarnated as the human being Jesus Christ. But he was archangel in the form of a "faur", i.e. a mixture between a sheep and a human being. All classical angels are mixtures between animals and humans, i.e. nature spirits. Most of those who has shown themselves to humans, are mixtures between birds and humans, i.e. human beings with bird wings. But there are classical angels of all sorts, mixtures between insects and humans and so on, endlessly. Elves and trolls and centaurs and so on. But Jesus was the faur Michael, the only-begotten Son of God, and before that Satanael, a faun, a mixture between a goat and a human, had been the only-begotten Son of God. That's why Jesus is pictured as the Lamb of God in the Bible, while Satan is pictured as an evil faun in Christian history. 
What was the fall of Satan? I think the very first beginning of the fall was that Satan invented art, which did not exist in heaven before the fall, just as it does not exist in the wild nature, untouched by humans. The first art that was invented, was a simple pan-flute from flag (vass) from the lakes. That's why the faun god Pan in greek art and mythology is playing a pan-flute.
Art was forbidden in heaven, we had all to be simple as the animals in the forest, and content with what God had created, art was to break the second commandment that forbade images: “You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below." (Exodus 20:4)
A pan-flute was an image of the singing organ of all beings, and the music from it was an image of the music that all beings could create naturally. 
But it was a very, very small sin. Remember that nowadays instruments are allowed in heaven for the sake of the Fall. But it was enough to tempt Satanael to create an empire beside God's empire, to steal the planet Eden from God and make it to the planet Tellus, a fallen planet. This empire was the breaking of the second commandment put into system, giving birth to civilization, and it stemmed from breaking the first commandment, making oneself to God instead of having God as one's God. Making oneself to the Lord of Nature, instead of having Nature and Nature's God as one's Lord. 
Satanael thus become another God, a lower God, an evil God, instead of being a simple archangel, albeit the highest of God's creatures, and the name of this God is Satan. He is a God because he has created a whole planetary empire for himself, that he reigns over like a God. Satanael was not a God, just a simple archangel, but when he fell, he lost the name el in the end of his name, which means God, and become Satan, an evil God. He was not worthy of the name of God anymore, in heaven. Because in heaven they calculate like this: the more evil you are, the smaller you are in the eyes of God, although you may have great power and great riches in Babylon, in civilization. Satan is the smallest being that exists, in the eyes of God, and after the Millennial Kingdom is ended, Satan will become the smallest atom in the universe, and live forever hidden in the microlife of cosmos. 
* this I find in the Bible, in Ezekiel 28: 12, which in the Swedish 1917 Bible reads like this: 
      "Du människobarn, stäm upp en klagosång över konungen i Tyrus och
       säg till honom: Så säger Herren, HERREN:

        Du var ypperst bland härliga skapelser,
        full med vishet och fullkomlig i skönhet."

English: "You child of man, sing a lamentation over the king in Tyrus
and say to him: So says the

You were the most excellent among wonderful creatures,
full of wisdom and perfect
in beauty."

I interpret the verses 12-19 as speaking about the fall of Satan, although the plain meaning is that it is
the king of Tyrus. How beautiful Satan was as a faun before his fall, this picture of a
heavenly faun maybe can give us a hint about .


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