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Critical thoughts about the famous Indian holiness preacher Zac Poonen

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The famous Indian holiness preacher Zac Poonen is one of those Indian Christians who became a loose part of my mother congregation Smith's Friends (nowadays the biggest branch of the congregation goes under the name Brunstad Christian Church). He was invited to the branch of Smith's Friends to which I have belonged for a major part of my life, to summer conferences around the millennial shift, and he, with his evangelical form of Smith's Friends' teaching, which is a little less legalistic than Smith's Friends usually are nowadays, divided our branch of Smith's Friends, the "deviationist-group", into two branches, the "Vatnar-congregation" and the "Spiren-congregation". His teaching had this effect, it might not have been wished upon by him. 
To divide a congregation is a horrible sin. All who have participated in the events of such a split or division, can witness how traumatic it is, how lifelong friendships are destroyed, yes whole friend-networks are totally destroyed and people are left desolate, alone and isolated. I have witnessed two splits or divisions in my lifetime, both inside Smith's Friends. And both have been horrible. The second time I was, after many years of problems, at last thrown out of the congregation (denied participation in their conferences, which in our congregation is the same as being thrown out of the congregation), brutally, by: Zac Poonen's followers in the Vatnar-congregation
Such disciples Zac Poonen creates. A preacher who creates such disciples is not a Christian, he is a devil. 
Sometimes I have seen something demonic in Zac Poonen's glance when he preaches on youtube. He has a lot of sermons on youtube and on Internet Archive. A lot. He is famous. With lots of youtube-views. But that glance! It horrifies me. It is biting and penetrating in a demonic way. But he is such an eloquent speaker that you do not want to notice it. Poonen has the demonically concentrated, extremely disciplined energy of typical demonic fakirs in India. The concentration which is concentrated upon creating a false salvation, to overcome Christ and put up the Jesus of the false salvation with extreme effort, extremely disciplined. 
Poonen's Jesus is a legalistic Jesus, the military dictator-Jesus of Elias Aslaksen, the Jesus who want to torture his enemies forever in hell. His legalism is just clothed in the gospel in a brilliantly smart demonic way. It's not a coincidence that Poonen started his career in the Indian navy, in the military. 
My father and my brother Joseph, two real Old Testament prophets in Smith's Friends, discovered early on that Poonen was a false prophet, and they have roared against him tirelessly for maybe twenty years. Almost nobody listened to them, and the division, the split became real, through a "second revival", as my father calls it (Smith's Friends understands what I mean here), after the first revival 1992 when Kåre J. Smith splitted the congregation through a fake revival. 
I didn't understand it in the beginning. But I felt a cold spirit in Poonen. A pride, a luxurious lifestyle, a harlot preacher style of traveling the world preaching in big ordinary churches (Poonen has travelled the whole world in aeroplane spreading his legalistic holiness message, he has been invited by many churches in many countries. I wonder how many churches he has splitted like he did with Smith's Friends' deviationist-group). 
One thing was an early alarm-clock for me. And that was the fact that Poonen had writings by the harlot preacher David Wilkerson in his magazine "Hidden Treasures" around the millennial shift. That tells a lot, and all Smith's Friends should know about it. David Wilkerson was the pastor of a horrible antichristian Christian church in New York City, this centre of Hell and of harlot Christianity. Where they played rock music in the church. And of course they play rock-music in Poonen's church in Bangalore, too. Satan's music. But many in the Vatnar congregation, who know this, do not take warning, some of them, like Trond Olstad (a disciple of Poonen), even want that kind of music into the Vatnar congregation. Rock-drums and all the rest. 
Zac Poonen is a false prophet and is not saved, but has probably blasphemed the Holy Spirit, so proud he is, so hardened and convinced of his great holiness, he is helplessly lost. You can't save such a man, so famous a man. Creating so much horror in the body of Christ as Poonen has done, certainly qualifies you for damnation, albeit not an eternal one. And all true disciples of Poonen in Smith's Friends, who follows his spirit, and work in his spirit, are problably not saved either. People like pastor Erling Ekholt, Conrad Myrland, Knut Bekkevold, Gerhard Oord, Ruth Hansen and Trond Olstad. Probably. I cannot say the last word in any of these cases, but the Spirit has whispered clearly to me in the forest, that at least all of these except Oord, which is a more uncertain case, are not saved, and some of them has blasphemed the Holy Spirit. 
And horrible it is that the four leaders of the Vatnar-congregation not just threw me out of their congregation, but also my father and my brother Josef they threw out, about the only true prophets left in that congregation. This is also a big, big sin (I didn't understand it first). Paving the way for the Vatnar-congregation to become a harlot church. Maybe they already are that. 
God, have mercy upon them. 


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