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Presentation of the Nobel Price candidate in literature, Boik Kokko Amman from Ghana

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Dear readers.
This blogpost is special. I want to present to you my favourite among the contemporary authors, internationally. He has been a big name in the discussions about Nobel Price candidates in literature for a long time. His name is Boik Kokko Amman from Ghana, and lives in a famous suburb in Stockholm, in Rinkeby. He is 17 years old, and is black, very black. In fact as black as a black man can be. He is the most famous rap-artist in Rinkeby. He has been rapartist since he was 13 years old. He has a background as a Poetry Slam stand up comedian too. With rap stand up comedy poetry. Of course.
Boik is a muslim, and speaks "blatte-svenska", "immigrant-Swedish". He also uses a lot of slang. Slang typical for Rinkeby. He uses that in his rap, too. When I now present to you his best rapsong, try to think about that. Think also about the typical rap-rythmics. I know a little about rap, although I never listen to rap. For me it's horrible music.
But listen to what Boik says. Listen carefully. He says it in a boyish way:
:/: Å Jesus ska bränna era UFO-grejor ner i helvetet huttetu :/:
The song can only be found on Soundcloud, because of the censorship system, and Soundcloud is impossible to link to. But I can present a translation in English to you, and describe the melody:
Translation: :/: And Jesus shall burn your UFO-things down to hell, for God's sake :/:
The melody is what is called "Cosmic music", and is also influenced by what is called "John Bauer-heavy metal music". The most famous artist in Cosmic music is the internet artist Massimo Mazzotti from Italia, a hippie artist. I have one of his famous CD:s. It's indescribable. I wrote in my testament that his best song would be played on a CD-player on my funeral when I have died (it is one of the best music pieces I've ever heard). So yes. I have a certain taste for this type of music, but not very much when you put it into rap. Rap is some crap. It's the same things over and over, endlessly. Boring.
The rhythm is the typical rap-rhythm. That's easy to discover. I can't write such poetry. Not at all.
The liturgy of the song is the classical one. I have of course attended one of Boik's live concerts in Rinkeby. You do some mystical movements with your hands and your fingers. I do not need to explain it for those who have seen it, and for those who haven't, it's impossible to describe. It's funny too.
Although it's rap, this is one of the best songs I've ever heard. I have presented one of the others to you recently. The islamist sufi war General Marcus Mahdi's (may Allah's Grace be upon him) song "Everything has an end" (it is hided in the second part of the youtubevideo, for some reason). Seek for it. Google for it.
Two muslim songs. Very muslim. All muslims think about the Doomsday all the time.
If Boik get a Nobel Price in literature, as the first author from Ghana to receive it, because he presents himself as a Ghanan author, not a Swedish one (he is a patriot for Ghana in Sweden, and has recently moved in as a refugee), I think it must be given him for this song, not for anything else. He has produced much, he is creative, but this is the best song I've ever heard. It's so comforting.
I hate UFO-technology. It has literally invaded earth. Smartphones are UFO-techology.
God's grace be upon you all.
Yours sincerely, Lars Larsen Tolstoy (one of my funny names, a pretty new one)
P.S. And my sincere opinion as a guy in Svenska Akademien's inner circles, and a historian of literature, too, is that Boik should share the next Nobel Price in Literature with General Marcus Mahdi. The muslims should get a Nobel Price, AT LAST.
P.S.2: Don't laugh of Boik's name. All central African people have funny names.


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