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The border of 2 C warming above the preindustrial baseline has been crossed according to Sam Carana

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The border of 2 C warming above the preindustrial baseline has been crossed, according to my favourite climate scientist Sam Carana at the blog Arctic News, in this blogpost. This was the border that we were not allowed to cross, all agreed that if we cross that, it will have catastrophic consequences. 
The last tenths of centigrades of warming have proceeded really fast. The pace of global warming is exponential, and has been that for a long time, a fact seldom mentioned in media. Now we have to begin to talk, not about climate change, but about "climate catastrophe", or "climate change catastrophe". 
But I think it might in reality be even warmer than that, at least 3 C warmer than preindustrial time. This is underground knowledge that has reached me through Robin Westenra (that hero!) and the climate geoengineering watchdog Dane Wigington, and it is confirmed by anecdotal evidence on forums and sites like Collapse/Reddit. I do not trust the measurements of the establishment any more. They can't keep up and their systems are in chaos and full of corruption and denial. 
Expect the global temperature to rise even faster than hitherto, due to the rapid loss of Global Dimming (or the Aerosol Masking Effect our emissions give us), because of the coronavirus collapse, which can make temperatures rise extremely fast, according to many scientists, for example the climate expert professor Guy McPhersonThis coupled with an El Niño which  is already in progress, can spell the extinction of humanity in a short period of time, yes according to climate scientist and earth system scientist Malcolm Light it can happen as early as this summer, because of the abrupt methane emissions in the Arctic, which are already well underway. Both Sam Carana and Guy McPherson are also well aware of this possibility. 
Sam Carana, who must be a bit clairvoyant, has asked the question if humanity will go extinct this year, and predicts that we cross the 3 C warmer than preindustrial mark in January 2021, and predicts that 2026 it may already be 18 C warmer on this planet, which means that all life on the planet will then have gone extinct. I agree, and think we may cross the 18 degree warmer than preindustrial even sooner than 2026. Earth will die completely because of the 450+ nuclear power plants in meltdown, and it may happen already this year, in the autumn or early winter. The last human probably dies some month before that. But this is a worst-case scenario, and it may take longer time for all life to die, but mostly a few years longer, not decades.  
I have been forced to worsen my predictions a lot, more and more, during my years as a blogger reporting on the climate. First I thought it might take hundred years or so for humanity to go extinct. The events after that have simply overwhelmed me. 


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