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Memorial words on Eta Linnemann's grave

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Eta Linnemann (1926-2009) was one of the very, very few saved theologians out there. I could eat her books, so lovely they are. She is one of those theologians who have kept me inside fundamentalism. She were my professor. 
Other saved theologians were Frédéric Godet, Franz Delitzsch, Waldemar Rudin and A.F.Granfelt. No church father theologian was saved, not even Origenes (Isak of Nineve was not a theologian), they were too full of worldly wisdom, power and might. A martyr death, like that of Origenes, do not give you the lovely Old Testament salvation, the first step on the salvation path. Read 1. Cor. 13. 
This is how strict and rigid God is. This is how difficult it is to be saved in Babylon. Only by denying power and might you can be saved. By in earnesty denying yourself, denying pleasures. Easy to die a martyr death if it gives you kicks, like it gave Origenes. Honour in the church history of Satan Lucifer. But Origenes was almost saved. He just did not make the last move: becoming a fundamentalist. Become like a jew or like Muhammad. For him it was horrible to accept, after death, that his martyr death by torture did not give him Old Testament salvation. He went out in the darkness and wept bitterly, like saint Peter did. But it was too late. Your fate is sealed in the second of death. After that you can not sacrifice anything any more, not suffer for Jesus' sake. That's why repentance after death is impossible. Origenes did what the best unsaved devils do: he went and slept, tired of himself, in Hades, not to awaken before the last judgement after the Millennial Kingdom. That's a salvation in itself, because you do not do anything evil then, and you are completely free of suffering in hell. Those devils who are partially awake (fully awake they aren't, time goes extremely fast for them) suffer when an angel of heaven approaches them, otherwise not, not the least. They enjoy their hell. But blessed are those devils who are so noble as Origenes, who didn't want to plague himself with war against the saints after death, risking the torturous presence of angels now and then, reminding them of their true condition, as punishment for their torture. When they, the devils, understand their hell and their punishment, it is horrible for them. They do not want to know. So it is also with the devils in this earthly world, they are like Bill Gates and Anders Tegnell. They do not want to know what they have created, what a torture empire they have created. To know it, would be torture. And tortured they will be in their soul when they can't deny the reality of their hell any more, when it becomes too visible. The torture will consume them to atoms forever, lost forever. Then they will be saved in the microlife in the soil, by forgetfulness. By complete dementia praecox, i.e. insanity. It will not be possible to find them any more after that. The memory of them will wither away forever. They are not worthy of remembrance. 
But let us remember Eta Linnemann, my beloved professor. 


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Born 1984 in Finland, Norwegian, lives in Österbybruk, Sweden, poet, ecotheologian and ecophilosopher (though not an academic such), is also called "The monk" ("munken", he is monk in a self-founded monastery order, "Den Heliga Naturens Orden", "The Order of the Holy Nature"), he calls himself "Forest Man Snailson" (Skogsmannen Snigelson) because of certain strong ties to Nature and the animals, founded among other things through many years of homelessness living in tent, cot, cave and several huts in the Flaten Nature Reserve and the Nacka Reserve outside of Stockholm. He debuted as a poet in 2007 with "Över floden mig" ("Across the river of me"), published by himself, he has also published an ecotheological work, "Djurisk teologi. Paradisets återkomst" (Animalistic theology. The return of paradise") on Titel förlag 2010. He has published the poem collection "Naturens återkomst" (The return of Nature) on Fri Press förlag 2018 together with Titti Spaltro, his ex-girlfriend. Lars' professions are two, cleaner and painter (buildings). Before he was homeless, but right now he lives in Österby boende, a group home for mental patients 45 km northeast of Uppsala. His adress is: Harviksvägen 6A, 74830 Österbybruk, Sverige. One can reach him in the comments section on this blog. His texts on this blog are without copyright, belonging to "Public Domain".

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