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American economist Harry Dent predicts a 40 % US stock market crash in April this year

Publicerad 2021-02-12 21:32:00 i Financial crises, Holy economics, The collapse of civilization,

Watch this youtubeinterview from February 8, about it, called: "Harry Dent: Stock Market 40 % Crash in April, Nothing Can Save You, Bitcoin To Zero, Gold to $1000".
My comment: Famous old green investor Jeremy Grantham would agree, he says that the present bubble in the US stock market can last only a few months more, in this recent youtubeinterview. I also agree that this prediction is plausible, with my knowledge about economics. I have waited so long for this bubble to burst, I thought it would burst when corona came, but no, the central banks bailed out people again. How many times will the central banks be able to do that? One day the ammunition is gone forever, and there is not much left. Maybe they will not be able to rescue people in the next crash, maybe in April, I pray that they will not be able to do that, I want an end to this hell on earth that civilization has created. If the crash comes in April, maybe it is the deathblow to industrial civilization. I pray that it will be that. 


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