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Hear what population ecologist William Rees said about our future

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"With the current footprint of humanity — most egregiously the footprint of the energy- and resource-entitled Global North — “it seems that some form of global societal collapse is inevitable, possibly within a decade, certainly within this century,” Rees said in an email."
(From this article: "Op-Ed: Collapseologists are warning humanity that business-as-usual will make the Earth uninhabitable", from January 31, 2021)
William Rees (b. 1943) is a population ecologist (professor emeritus) at the University of British Columbia best known as the originator of the “ecological footprint” concept,
My comment: This reminds me very much about the anarchoprimitivistic author Kirkpatrick Sale's prediction that civilisation will have collapsed by 2030. Watch a youtubevideo about it here, named "Kirkpatrick Sale: By 2030, Industrial Civilization Will Have Collapsed".
I totally agree. I believe in collapse by around 2030 and extinction of the human race by around 2040. I believe I will die around 2036, from starvation. I believe that more people than we think, think like William Rees, with something like his timeline. 
By collapse I here mean a drastically simpler and less complex society. In one sense or form collapse already began with the coronacrisis, or with the Great Financial Crisis 2008. But these are only forebodings of collapse, not collapse itself. 
According to the book "Limits to Growth" collapse will begin in the 2020s and accelerate thereafter. 
Climate scientist Paul Beckwith says in this blogpost that if we do not deploy emergency actions, "our global food supply will be crushed like a bug within the next 5 to 10 years, causing global strife". 


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Publicerad 2021-02-12 14:48:03

Hej Lars! Jag är filmare och pluggar teologi för tillfället. Jag har blivit berörd av vad du skrivit och undrar om du skulle vilja höras vid. Kanske prata mer om insekter, uppenbarelseboken och fågelsång. Om du kan tänka dig det så får du jättegärna slänga iväg ett mail till mig (tror du har tillgång till den via min kommentar, annars kan du svara här så får jag dela mina kontaktuppgifter på något annat sätt).
Allt gott,

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